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Asylia was founded in 2019 to respond to the growing need for diagnostics solutions.

Asylia has set up a multi-disciplinary scientific team uniquely positioned to deliver precision medicine tools thanks to a combination of technical, biological, and laboratory skills acquired from over 40+ combined years of experience in research and leading biopharma companies. The team has further developed a specific technical background in the development of biomarker discovery, molecular biology, immunology, clinical sciences and AI building with direct applications to the field of oncology.


Andrey Khmelevskiy

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The CEO, Co-Founder, Andrey Khmelevskiy, has over 15 years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur in the data sciences and bioinformatics field. He held executive roles at Saudi Aramco, InsideDNA, Exclusive Analysis, JP Kenny, Frecom and Wiltshire Council.


Dr. Anna Kostikova

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Dr. Anna Kostikova, Co-Founder, has over 15 years of experience in managerial roles in pharma and multinational companies. She serves as a Director of Data Science at Novartis and led data science teams at Deloitte, InsideDNA, and Heineken.


Dr. Yulia Mitina

Dr. Yulia Mitina, Head of Clinical Operations, is a seasoned MIT certified clinician with 5+ years of experience in leading the development of multiple clinical studies in the fields of molecular biology and immunology.

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Dr. Anna Valyaeva

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Dr. Anna Valyaeva, Head of Computational Biology, has a strong coding background and various experiences in the molecular biology field. With her experience in managing NGS bioinformatics, she will manage the development of Asylia AI software.

Dr. Alexey Churov

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Dr. Alexey Churov Head of Immunology 15+ years of experience in immuno-oncology & autoimmune disorders; publications track record

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