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Our Approach


At the core of our technology is back-translation - a transformative concept that leverages molecular and clinical RWE data and machine learning/AI and allows us to de-risk upfront theranostic development. Our technology allows us to identify non-responders to SoC, dissect patient strata, find relevant biomarkers, and novel targets so we can feed our early pipeline of precision medicine solutions for patients. By being inherently data-driven, we are “inverting” the drug development process and reducing the “carry-over” risk of sequential decision-making used by traditional pharma. We make relevant data and precision medicine tools available early in the process, rather than by the end of phase 3, and therefore de-risk upfront product development.

Our technology is uniquely positioned to deliver transformative medicines faster and more efficiently. We have two filed PCTs with positive feedback on novelty and inventiveness and broad claims approved by the EPO and the IP strategy centered on building a battery of biomarkers and composition of matter patents targeting theranostics use cases.

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