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Asylia Diagnostics is a precision medicine company focusing on the field of immunotherapies. We collect molecular and real-world evidence data from patients treated with investigational drugs in clinical trials and patients treated by the standard of care therapies. We then transform heterogeneous patient populations into well-defined subgroups that share common molecular and immuno-pathophysiology profiles using our proprietary ML-powered platform AsyliaAI. By doing this we are able to identify highly specific biomarkers and novel drug targets. We then use discovered endotypes, biomarkers, and drug targets to develop patient stratification, enrichment, and indication expansion strategies, early hits/leads for the therapuetic pipeline, and eventually complex theranostic products together with our biopharma and IVD partners. 

We are targeting auto-immune and cancer disorders and starting with metastatic melanoma, NSCLC, head and neck cancer, SLE, and systemic sclerosis. Since company's formation in 2019, we have achieved excellent scientific and business traction: we are on track to secure partnerships with the largest IVD and pharma partners. With a strong team of founders-scientists and advisors, we are on the journey to deliver truly transformative therapies for patients in need.

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